The Nazis and their ideological forebear Islam have been killing for over 1400 years. Estimated combined death toll 285 -785 million people based on Islam conquering 54 countries to date.

Both are totalitarian (fascist) ideologies with world domination and their people being supreme over all others as central tenets in both their political doctrines. So constant political pressure that increases as the Muslim population increases result’s in the gradual removal of your democratic rights and privileges. Once Islam reaches numerical supremacy it historically stops pushing politically and starts violently purging opposition until nonbelievers are dead or submitted. This is why for example there are only 4% nonmuslims left in the middle east. when before Muhammad invented Islam. All the middle east was pagan, Jewish and Christian. The pagans have been wiped out, the jews hide behind a wall and remaining Christian are few and scattered and constantly suffer genocidal purges.


images 13

IN 8







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