The NWO objectives behind globalism actually has evil intentions. Its aim is to not only to take control of all people on the planet via  the pushing of communism until we all  become easily controlled working poor. The primary objective here is to manitain for longer  the continued maintenance of rapidly dwindling resources so that the worlds economy can continue to function. But also to earn money on the high world population via conflict due to very high immigration of people who follow a conquest doctrine.

With the growing conflicts in the west and the world. All trails are now found to be leading back to a small group of the wealthiest families and people on the planet. But why?

well if we begin to look into human history and the wealthy elite we find a consistent theme. There is a constant desire to attain more wealth, power and control over others. Today in the west we have a small group of people now controlling our primary levers. These levers being finance, banking, industry, media, politics and education.

If we then focus on the elite’s tool for earning the money to take control. we find the base economic system that runs the world’s economy today. SUPPLY V DEMAND OR MARKET ECONOMY. The whole world’s economy function’s because of this system and it is the back bone of the worlds economic system and Includes you and me. So If you own the levers through which supply v demand relies upon to function. Then you own the world.

Let’s simplify

We earn a wage so we can pay for a product. This can be in the form of your mortgage to your bread and milk. If we have many people (demand)  and minimal available product (supply). we then have high prices. If we have low demand but allot of a product then we will, in turn, have low prices. The market economy for best effect always needs to maintain what’s called equilibrium.


i.e. You will note that with high immigration (demand) has created high house (supply) prices because homes are not being built fast enough to meet demand.

on the other side of the coin, you may recognize that when a fruit comes into season it is abundant (supply) but demand (people) hasn’t changed and so prices are low.

So with this basic explanation of supply and demand, we can understand better the next part of this article.

Now a FUNDAMENTAL requirement for this system to function correctly and so not fail. IS SUPPLY BEING ABLE TO MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF DEMAND ALWAYS? This is referred to as equilibrium in economics.


To maintain equilibrium, the world’s population (demand) cannot exceed the ability to supply it with a product and this has already happened.

earth from the moon

Globalism has brought many people of the world out of poverty into a better life.

But on the very negative side globalism has placed unachievable demands on product supply due to the many 100’s of million’s of people now being able to pay for a wide variety of products rather than just the basic necessities.

This has thrown the world primary economic system into what is called uneqalibrium.

In summary, Demand (people) is exponential and supply (product) is not. so something has to give or this will lead to an eventual complete collapse in the world’s economy. Impacting the richest people the most!

Now when a multi-billionaire/ trillionaire looks at this compounding situation he or she would immediately see several solution’s to maintain/increase profits.

These would be accessing areas that have been beyond attention before such as Antarctica, deep sea and space exploration. But unfortunately these are only stalling the coming crises as demand now exceeds supply by 5-1. There is only one solution left and that is to reduce the worlds population.

Turn the demand (people) into a product (supply) and so maintain financial return’s for an eternity.

The prototype work for this system has already been undertaken in the middle east over the last three decades. You will note that the most consistent share’s today are those to do with the manufacturing of war-related equipment. From water purifiers to missiles and these manufacturing companies and the banks that loan money for these wars is now very successful, very wealthy and powerful politically.

Military stocks

This new system of perpetual wealth generation is reliant on the most abundant product on the planet (human’s) and so enables compatibility of supply v demand to be maintained forever. This soylent green system of wealth generation is now being implemented into societies outside of the middle east. But for the soylent green system to work it requires two ingredients. People that follow a conquest doctrine (Islam) to be pushed hard into other societies so that eventual war and so profits can be guaranteed.


Also, these societies need to be rich in order to pay off loans for the military hardware to fight these wars and so the west has been chosen to be next site for major military conflict. Remembering oil wealth funded payment of military hardware in the middle eastern conflicts and people of the conquest doctrine was already available and abundant in numbers and so perpetual war profits have been able to be maintained for many decades now.


So with all the ducks now in order for conflict in the west   We just wait for the Muslim populations to grow and so then place increasing pressure on removing democracy and non-Muslim safety via increased violence etc. So Over the next decade, we will notice major civil conflict start to arise between westerners and Muslims in the west and these conflicts will evolve into full-scale military conflicts due to both sides being able to muster millions of men each.

The west

There is also a very real chance that the third world war will be between Muslims and non-Muslims. The chance of this is high because the NWO elite recognises that much of the worlds untapped resources are located in undeveloped Muslims countries and military conquest would enable those resources to be Acquired by them. Westerners will be fully aware of Islam’s doctrine by then and damaged in some form by it and so will be ambivalent to those resources being taken by the NWO elite.

SOLUTION: Wake up other westerners ASAP with articles like this and mobilize to eject Islam from the west before their numbers are big enough to carry out military campaigns. Remembering that the only successful ejection (Spain) of Islam has been via war. secondly (can be primary) remove ALL the wealth of the richest people connected to the Bilderberg group as this is the administrative arm of the billionaire/trillionaire elite that have engineered this situation.

Unfortunately, this is going to involve the toughest decision and eventually much bloodshed as the wealthy elite now control many of our politicians and so, in turn, our governmental authorities such as legal, police and military. so as we stand up against this negative change to our societies you will notice that these owned Authorities will have no issue with using these institutions to stomp us back down

enemy of the state


until Islam has achieved sufficient numbers to create the biggest conflicts for profits by the NWO.

GOOD LUCK and move soon as the alternative is too terrible to even consider for your children!













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