If western people actually knew the truth about diminishing resources due to the developing world’s population growth. western countries would quickly start protecting their resources/borders and maybe even aggressively increase their boundaries (China) to acquire more resources and so the global economy would eventually come to a full stop.

The elite  obviously cannot allow this to happen as it would impact the worlds wealthiest people  whilst empowering western nationalists.

This is why the  NWO is pushing/funding cultural Marxism (communism) and other socialist totalitarian doctrines like Islam so that people end up consuming fewer resources but conflicting ALLOT more.

The NWO elite can then profit (military/security technology sales) from the biggest untapped self-replicating resource on the planet… humans. Whilst Also, containing the world’s global population growth at the same time due to the resulting wars/pandemics. The template for this has already been successfully trialed in the middle east.

The Middle East has a majority population of people who follow a conquest doctrine and oil money to fund the wars and so this has resulted in considerable and consistent profits in companies relating to military equipment (water purifiers to missiles)  for over three decades now. This is unmatched in any other sector other than banking and mining but these sectors are interrelated!

the race for whats left

So the wealthy west is the next logical destination. Islam just needs to be pushed in hard in order to guarantee ignition of mass conflict and this phase is successfully being implemented now.

You will notice that this “business model” (GLOBALISM) is marketed via NWO owned MSM and social media and the many western politicians who are now owned by the wealthy NWO elite due to blackmail or political/personal donation (legal corruption).

Supply v demand (global economy) functions best with an unlimited supply of product (us) and demand (us) in order to deliver a high constant financial return. Humans are the ONLY entity that can meet both requirements and there are over 7.5 billion of us and so we have logically but ruthlessly become the product.

Globalism is ruthless but brilliant from a never-ending profit return standpoint.  Which is what every business aims to achieve!


To maintain equilibrium, the world’s population (demand) cannot exceed the ability to supply it with a product and this has already happened.

Globalism has brought many people of the world out of poverty into a better life.

But on the very negative side globalism has placed unachievable demands on product supply due to the many 100’s of million’s of people recently being able to pay for a wide variety of products rather than just the basic necessities.

earth from the moon

Military stocks


Soros has made his fortune by gambling on turmoil. He has merely upped his game by creating turmoil for profits. His involvement with funding destabilising socialist totalitarian doctrines like, communism and Islam in the west go back to the Yugoslav war.

So with all the ducks now in order for conflict in the west, We just wait for the Muslim populations to grow and so then place unacceptable pressure on removing our democracy for sharia and non-Muslim safety via increased violence etc. So Over the next decade, you will notice major civil conflict’s start to arise between westerners and Muslims in western Europe in particular and these conflicts will evolve into full-scale military conflicts due to both sides being able to muster millions of men each.

The west

There is also a very real chance that the third world war will be between Muslims and non-Muslims. The chance of this is high because the NWO elite recognizes that most of the worlds untapped resources are located in underdeveloped Muslim countries and military conquest sparked in the west would enable those resources to be Acquired by the global elite (NWO). No different to what we saw with the excuse to invade Afganistan for its many precious resources after 9/11.

enemy of the state
Tommy Robinson was one of the first western Europeans to realize and reject the intentions of the NWO and its sword (Islam) in the west and repeatedly pays for this with his freedom and maybe even his life one day soon! His death though would most likely be the spark that ignites western Europeans due to the high regard many westerners have for him. This will result in Islam being pushed out due to not having sufficient manpower to maintain territory and so getting pushed out of Europe altogether. This incident would also involve the NWO elite being ejected as well from positions of power and influence!


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