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Islam like Nazism is a totalitarian (fascist) ideology. so it like the Nazis has the same main tenants in common. That is, world domination and its people being superior over all others on the planet. So today 54 countries that were once other religions are now Muslim. With 6 Islamic insurgencies in other religious countries today trying to add to that number.


Your low Muslim population is the only thing that gives you a feeling of peace to go about your day. This always changes as time passes! Think back only ten years from today for example to gain some perspective.

No islamonazis is a movement that focuses on notifying non Muslims about this cancerous growth within our borders but unlike most other’s we offer a solution.

That solution is a potent propaganda tool called the islamonazi flag. The SWASTIKA is seen by many around the world as a tool that triggers fear. This was Hitler’s intention and based on his readings of prophets Muhammeds use of deceit, fear, and violence while held in prison with goebbels.

So Hitler in seeing Muhammad’s success in taking down so many countries with fear, deceit, and violence,  naturally incorporated this into his fascist doctrine but overlooked a major component by not  Creating a god so as to trojan horse into unsuspecting societies. This has been key to Islam’s success, otherwise, Islam would have lasted no longer than Hitlers version did.

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Hitler came up with using the name by reforming the pagan name ‘svasktika’ into swastika that represents a permanent victory in pagan religions and so applicable to the pagan god Shiva who resided in the Kabaa before Muhammed overan the temple in the town of Mecca.   Hitler incorporated his respect for Muhammed with the name and added this name to the Teutonic German knight’s symbol we identify today as the

Nazi swastika.swastika-5


So with this in mind the No islamonazis movement is sending the svastika back to the current occupiers of the Kabaa, ISLAM. The islamonazi flag we expect will eventually be seen by all non Muslims as Islams correct flag.

The gradual uptake by non Muslims of the  Islamonazi flag will enable  non Muslims to FINALLY correctly spotlight Islam and so disable its many diversionary tactics to avoid people learning about Islam’s true intentions and so become finally accountable .

In history, a flag is a call sign that human beings rally under to fight against oppressors.

The noislamonazis movement is about  pushing a flag for the islamonazis so non Muslims can rally against it.

So NOW not only have we correctly identified our apponent by associating it with its correct insignia. we  also spotlight it’s conquest intentions of the planet to non Muslims.

There are many other benefits with the take up of the islamonazi flag as well. The left has been labeling non Muslims as actual Nazis for challenging Islam. Now the left  will be seen as protecting the original Nazis and so further undermine their failed belief systems among westerners and so resulting in the left to abandon the Islamonazis in order to maintain their support base.